1. County Kerry, Ireland genealogical services:

  2. FTDNA Griffi(th)(n)(s)(ng) group:

  3. Alex Williamson's Big Tree R-A13315 "County Kerry Griffin" branch:

  4. Alex Williamson's Big Tree R-S764 branch: (takes a minute or two to load, A13315 branch is on the far right).

  5. Tracking Back genealogy tools and utilities:

  6. Map of Gaelic Ireland and Scotland:

  7. Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall (Irish Names and Surnames):

  8. Outlines of Gaelic Etymology:

  9. Masculine Descriptive Bynames:

  10. Some Evidence in Tudor ‘Fiants, Calendar of Patent Rolls’ and ‘Inquisitions’ for Irish among Families of Anglo-Norman Descent in County Wexford between 1540 and 1640: (analysis of Irish names written in Tudor English).

  11. Women’s Names among the Irish of County Wexford 1550-1650: (analysis of Irish names written in Tudor English).

  12. Owen O'Moriarty (of Castledrum):,

  13. Castlemaine:,_County_Kerry.