Scottish Highlands Origin

Thanks to Y-DNA analysis and historical documents, the origin of those Griffin families, whose traditional homeland is broadly centered around Castlemaine, County Kerry, Ireland, has been uncovered. Y-DNA analysis has shown that our Griffin ancestor(s) left the Scottish Highlands in the late Middle Ages, no later than the 16th century, and historical documents show that in 1601, Griffin family members were serving under Owen O'Sullivan Mór, Lord of Dunkerron, in locations just west of Castlemaine.

The Castlemaine, County Kerry area has continuously been a stronghold of Griffin families from 1601 to the present. This area encompasses the baronies of Clanmaurice, Corkaguiny, Iveragh, and Trughanacmy. The baronies of Corkaguiny, Iveragh, and Trughanacmy include the popular tourist destinations, the Dingle and Iveragh (Ring of Kerry) peninsulas.

We are aware of two other groups of Irish Griffins, who are genetically quite distinct from those we are calling here the "Kerry Griffins".

The O'Griffy clan, with roots in County Clare, belongs to the "Irish Type III" haplotype and is more closely related to the O'Briens and the O'Deas. They have been in Ireland for a very long time.

The third group is also originally from Scotland, but from the Lowlands, not the Highlands like the Kerry Griffins. They belong to what is called the Little Scottish Cluster and seem to be more numerous around the Severn Estuary and Scattery Island.